5 main challenges in digitizing logistics

It’s hard to imagine that an industry with such a complex assortment of processes like logistics can work without a proper digitization. Supplying to millions of businesses and consumers each month needs a highly practical approach and can’t be expected to operate in an old-fashioned manner. Whether it’s 3D printing or deliveries with drones, all […]

Digitization trends for logistics in 2021

Let’s be honest. Logistics has been dodging digitization for quite some time now. Although it has introduced several innovations, it’s still beyond comparison to other industries that bursted with fresh technological ideas and dominated the market. If the pace continues to be that slow, it may involve some potentially risky consequences. And we’re not only […]

Top frontend technologies you need to know

First, think about apps like Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram. They work perfectly, continuously providing their users with a complete, impeccable experience. It’s exactly frontend technologies that are responsible for their success. But too often, we focus only on frameworks that are the basis of most applications. And what about the rest? Here’s a list of […]

Is C++ going to retire?

We often say that the better is the enemy of the good, but is this also true about the programming languages? Is there a place for such “ancient” technologies as C or C++ in the world of continuous, exponential development? Let us dwell on this question for a moment, analyzing the popularity and adaptation skills […]