Lessons we learned from going full remote

The coronavirus pandemic happened suddenly and changed our work habits in every possible way. The biggest alteration was going full remote and sending all our employees home. They couldn’t organize meetings in the conference room, eat lunch in the kitchen or drop by their colleagues’ office to say hi or discuss important subjects. What did […]

How remote work influences project management

A project manager is one of the crucial roles in software development. It is a person responsible for work organization, efficient communication and delivering results according to schedule. In times of pandemic, many employees had to change their habits and work styles. How project management evolved to be fully remote? Every project manager is put […]

Managing Work with Remote Teams and Clients

According to FlexJobs Annual Survey, 76% of employees seek for full-time remote job opportunities. 43% of them would also agree for partially remote work. Flexible schedules and part-time schedules are also preferred. This trend cannot be stopped. It is better for companies to start learning how to manage their remote teammates. At iteo, we offer […]