Swift Property Wrappers – how to use them right?

Swift 5.1 introduces a new feature called Property Wrappers. For many iOS developers @ sign is mostly known in terms of Objective-C or InterfaceBuilder (e.g. @IBDesignable). Now it’s also related to regular properties in which you store some form of state. In many cases there’s logic behind modifying those states which is implemented inside our […]

Flutter vs. React Native – the battle of cross-platform

Cross-platform development became one of the most appreciated technologies when it comes to building mobile apps. Flutter and React Native constantly compete against each other to become the leading framework. Let’s see what are the main differences between them. Is there any clear winner? What is cross-platform development? Before we start, we should explain how […]

What Does it Take to Develop an App of the Year?

InPost mobile application created by iteo won 1st prize in Mobile Trends Awards! This app is a native solution developed by the iteo team, with a total of 3 million downloads and also a number 1 in app stores in Poland. It helps InPost customers track their parcels. The app is especially appreciated by the […]