Top frontend technologies you need to know

First, think about apps like Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram. They work perfectly, continuously providing their users with a complete, impeccable experience. It’s exactly frontend technologies that are responsible for their success. But too often, we focus only on frameworks that are the basis of most applications. And what about the rest? Here’s a list of […]

Starting a Digital Project

Last time we answered some questions we frequently get prior to starting a project (you can read it here). This time we will talk about the issues that bother you when the project actually starts. We talked with one of our Project Managers, and thanks to her experience, we gathered the list of five things […]

Comparing Native, Hybrid & Web

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful Kingdom of Applications, ruled by a wise and devoted royal couple. There was a Queen called the Web App, heiress of the great family of Web Pages. And there was a King called the Native App, charming and energetic, loved by the subjects, a true son of […]