Azure Functions – On Cloud Nine of Serverless

Let’s say you need to add some scheduling to your existing application. Perhaps you need to bring together an existing code written in different languages? Maybe you need a functionality that, although it’s quite important, won’t be used so often – thus you don’t want to pay for the whole infrastructure just for this little […]

Azure Cognitive Search – when ‘name LIKE…’ is not enough

Are you in need of implementing advanced search service in your application? You can’t be bothered to learn, deploy, and maintain the next database server? You don’t want to learn AI theory or another tangled library? Azure Cognitive Search might be the solution for your concerns! Let’s take a closer look! What is it? And […]

Quick Dive Into Azure Service Bus

Are you developing an enterprise product? Need the right solution for communication between microservices? Looking for a way to improve the reliability and scalability of your application? Azure Service Bus might be the solution you are looking for. Stay with us to find out! What is it? And why should I use it? Azure Service […]