#Iteoviduals #9
Interview with Wojciech Warwas

1. What made you join Iteo? Tell us your story!

Wojtek: Before I joined Iteo, I worked for another company for a year. My job was to develop and maintain their product, which was really fine, but after some time I found my work to be very repetitive and rather monotonous. Moreover, I worked with only one more developer (who also came to Iteo later on - Andrzej Nowak, Android Developer) and I wanted to be a part of a bigger team. I needed more challenges and wanted to work for a software house, where you have a chance to work on multiple projects, and therefore, a wide range of functionalities.

What’s funny - I really didn’t want to end up sitting in front of a computer! I studied medical enginery, so I was taking care of computer tomography, magnetic rezonanses and ultrasound examinations, but as the days passed, I found myself more and more interested in programming. During second, maybe third year of college I started working as Android developer (to be honest, I was more of a full-stack, as I was taking care of the backend as well). Then I decided to study Informatics at The University of Bielsko-Biala.

I have chosen Android development because I find it to be very challenging - you have to remember about smartphones’ limitations, such as capacity of RAM and processor, or battery durability. I like my job to force me to think.


2. Do you remember your first day or first few days at Iteo? What was it like?

Wojtek: I remember that everyone was very absorbed and busy, because there was a lot of work to do. I was supposed to take part in a new project so I sat down with my new teammates to ask them how they code, what are the standards here and how I should start.

I can also recall that I got a very peculiar task to write a representative piece of code for our potential client from America. They wanted to start cooperation with us depending on whether our code would impress them or not. Not going into the issue of the project itself, they liked the piece of code - and I was beyond happy, and to be honest, relieved. It was quite a challenge for a first day at new job!


3. What is your biggest professional goal you would wish to achieve?

Wojtek: I would like to be a part of a widely-known development team. The team that not only works their best to achieve a certain goal, but is also appreciated and recognizable. I want our team to reach that level, so the name “Iteo’s Android Team” will be a synonym of highest quality and the most innovative solutions. And I’m not talking about certain members, but about a whole crew. Teams like that have strong culture, their opinion is respected in the industry and their solutions are being adapted by others as well.

I think it’s a goal that can be achieved. Our Android Team is full of great developers and we are constantly working on things such as internal communication and organization. We organize our own meetups and are planning to do much more, though I will keep it as a secret for now (laugh).


4. Say the first thing that will come to your mind: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Wojtek: I always felt a lot of respect towards Brian May. He is best known for being the lead guitarist of Queen - but he is also a doctor of astrophysics. A highly educated man of science who is also one of the best guitarists in the world - now that’s something extremely impressive and truly inspiring. You don’t have to dedicate your whole life to one thing - you can develop in many directions and take advantage of many opportunities. Of course, you can’t exaggerate, because if you are good at everything, you are good at nothing, but being open-minded and having versatile interests is always an advantage.

I’m very fond of Android development, but I’m also a lighting technician and in my spare time I play the guitar and sing in a rock band. I don’t want to put myself into one box!


5. Who did you want to be in the future when you were a kid?

Wojtek: An Astronaut! Space was always something amazing to me. Not only the flights, but also the fact that those people carry out researches that allow our science to develop. It’s incredible that a few people can do so much for the entire mankind. And to be somewhere no man have ever been before - and where no man can stay permanently - is really fascinating.


6. If you were a fictional character (from a cartoon, movie or game) who would you be and why?

Wojtek: I would like to be a Superman, because he can fly into space! Generally, flying and shooting a laser with your eyes would be dope (laugh). Or I could be a rockstar. A superman who plays rock-and-roll, yeah, that sounds good.


7. Imagine you are on a desert island. You can choose one person from the entire team to keep you company. Who would it be and why?

Wojtek: It’s really hard to choose one person, for I would prefer to take whole Android team, or better - the whole Iteo team. Things that look impossible when you are alone may be easy to conquer when you have a good team behind you.

We have specialists in so many areas - Andrzej (Andrzej Nowak, Android Developer) for example is that type of an engineer that can do anything, from disassembling a tractor to programming in many languages. Marcin (Marcin Jasiński, Android Developer) plays the trombone (and other brass instruments in the Orchestra)  and Piotrek (Piotr Guzia, iOS Developer) plays the clarinet. Jakub (Jakub Stolarczyk, Android Developer) records and edit movies. We wouldn’t be bored at all. In the worst case scenario we would just organise day of programming on the beach, powered by solar batteries - imagine what a great advertisement that would be!


8. The most important question: iOS or Android?!

Wojtek: Personally, I prefer Android. But I think that if I wouldn’t be a developer, I wouldn’t limit myself to one operating system. In my opinion, everyone should at least try both of them, get to know their pros and cons and choose the more suitable option. I think that both iOS and Android aren’t perfect - and once again, I don’t want to limit myself and I simply use what is more useful to me at the moment.




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