#Iteoviduals #5
Interview with Michał Konieczny

1. What made you join Iteo? Tell us your story!

Michał: First of all, I wanted to change my work environment for a better one and take on new challenges. The office is well connected and located in the vicinity of the university which, at that time, was an additional advantage. Kornel (Kornel Warwas, .NET Tech Team Leader) was my lecturer, therefore I knew that he was able to guarantee a dynamic development of the newly formed team in Bielsko-Biała. How could I have not taken this opportunity?


2. Do you remember your first day or first few days at Iteo? What was it like?

Michał: I do not remember much because it was quite a long time ago. The move to Bielsko was preceded by a month's leave so the only thing I'm sure of is that I was full of enthusiasm for work. Ultimately, I was supposed to get acquainted with the new technology during the first weeks, but it turned out that I could help with some existing project so I could not complain about boredom at the start. The crew was not numerous, it consisted of several people with whom I quickly found common language. I remember delicious coffee… Unfortunately, there was no pizza! During breaks, we organized spontaneous sports games utilizing a small ball and adapted office equipment. Good times, there was a lot of laughter!


3. What is your biggest professional goal you would wish to achieve?

Michał: I do not have any specific goal, the achievement of which will bring me closer to professional fulfilment. In the near future, I would like to constantly improve my skills, gain experience and be better at what I do while maintaining a balance between work and leisure. However, I am not sure if I want to connect my future with this industry. We'll see what time brings.


4. Say the first thing that will come to your mind: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Michał: After a moment's thought, I have to admit that it is impossible to name specific people. Many people inspire me in their own way. Surely, there are friends, family and Tadeusz Drozda. Travelling also brings a large baggage of experience and valuable inspiration. Exploring more and more places is a great opportunity to meet interesting people, confront their beliefs and diverse worldview. Often it’s the accidental situations that affect life choices for a long time and shape the personality allowing you to become better.


5. Who did you want to be in the future when you were a kid?

Michał: For some time, like every boy, I wanted to be a footballer, but after scoring two suicidal goals in one match I gave up. At some point in my existence, I wanted to be a gangster but it also failed for obvious reasons. In later years I lived without any idea from day to day but somewhere always rattled the desire to explore the world which, however, the programming defeated in the fight for my favour. And here I am.


6. If you were a fictional character (from a cartoon, movie or game) who would you be and why?

Michał: The transformation of water into wine sounds quite good for me. Besides, I'd like to be like Mr Pepe the Platypus. It would be nice to be a platypus. Platypuses are unusual for mammals.


7. Imagine you are on a desert island. You can choose one person from the entire team to keep you company. Who would it be and why?

Michał: Let's just say that some abrasion in a similar situation is behind me. Last autumn I went to a wild camping with Dominik on the most remote and at the same time the least populated island of the Azores archipelago. Therefore, I can definitely say that I would not take him to a deserted island for company. But except for him, I would choose anyone because all of us have the ability to create something out of nothing and together we could make the dream of the Second Polish Republic of the Polish overseas colony come true.


8. The most important question: iOS or Android?!

Michał:  Short question, short answer: iOS. I prefer bulletproof solutions and no compromises. I will be forced to use Android for my punishment in hell (laugh).




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