8 Examples Proving Testing is Important

One might wonder – why software testing is necessary? Is it worth it to invest in testing? We’ve been wondering the same thing. As a field of software engineering, testing is often underrated by digital agencies. IT companies tend to hire inexperienced employees as testers. The reason might be that testing is still not a […]

What Future Holds for Software Developers

A lot of people say that “the future is now”. Some are excited about it, others – not so much. The rapid growth of technological innovations makes us wonder if scenarios from sci-fi movies could become a reality sooner than we expected, if at all. In this article, we are exploring a couple of future […]

Iteo certified as a Gold Microsoft Partner

We are proud to announce that Microsoft has recognized iteo as a Gold Certified Partner in Application Development. This is the highest certification possible that confirms we meet professional standards and demonstrate technical knowledge and expertise. Gold Partners have a close working relationship with Microsoft and can serve their clients better than ever before through […]

The Future of Flutter

Flutter is storming its way to the hearts of mobile developers. Only until now, one of the biggest companies, like Alibaba or Tencent has chosen the new Google’s framework upon native solution and React Native ones. Flutter is fast, easy to learn, flexible and prepared to make beautiful apps using the same code base. So […]

Flutter vs. React Native: A Comparison

Cross-platform app development is on the rise. Start-ups, e-commerce, and other tech companies struggle with developing interactive apps fast, efficiently and with ease. Facebook’s React Native has been recognized as a reliable tool for mobile development. However, Google’s Flutter, a tool that came out of beta only a few weeks ago, has been gaining much […]

Why Choose Flutter? Pros & Cons

Flutter helps develop cross-platform mobile applications that are fast, well designed and compatible. Let’s dive into the newest UI framework from Google and learn about its wide and promising possibilities. What is Flutter? Flutter is a free and open-source framework for building native-looking apps on iOS and Android from the same code base. It has […]

Submitting an App in App Store

After creating your mobile product in cooperation with your digital partner, you probably wait impatiently for it to be available in App Store. However, Apple’s ecosystem is very peculiar and knowing certain mechanisms and methods may save you lot of time and nerves. As we have assisted many proud clients in that process, we wanted […]

10 Facts and Myths About React Native

React Native. Due to the community admiration that surrounds Javascript, it is a one hyped up framework. It gives you the impression that everything you need to know is Javascript – and the framework will make your hybrid app, well, react like a native. It sounds incredible – who wouldn’t want to live in the […]

Why .NET Core Is Thriving?

It was the 27th June of 2016 when the world was hit by a bolt from the blue (or more specifically – from the four-coloured window). The ground parted, angelic choirs raised their voices in exaltation and pinguin-praising and apple-praising pagans were given the chance to believe. Mankind was blessed with the .NET Core 1.0, […]

Comparing Native, Hybrid & Web

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful Kingdom of Applications, ruled by a wise and devoted royal couple. There was a Queen called the Web App, heiress of the great family of Web Pages. And there was a King called the Native App, charming and energetic, loved by the subjects, a true son of […]