Google Data Centers in Poland – “Let’s go solving”

Google Cloud infrastructure consists of 24 regions with multiple zones. Today, Google officially opens its first region in Central and Eastern Europe and it’s seventh in Europe. It is the first major cloud provider to locate its region in Poland. The cloud region consists of three access zones, each of which has an independent technical […]

How to become a software tester?

Tester, Quality Assurance Specialist, QA Tester, Software Tester, QA Engineer, automation tester, manual tester… A person whose job is finding software bugs has many different names and their variety comes from diverse responsibilities. But first, let’s start with telling you a bit more about what software testing actually is. Software testing – what’s it all […]

Is C++ going to retire?

We often say that the better is the enemy of the good, but is this also true about the programming languages? Is there a place for such “ancient” technologies as C or C++ in the world of continuous, exponential development? Let us dwell on this question for a moment, analyzing the popularity and adaptation skills […]

Developing tester’s competences – seeking knowledge and reaching the goal

Everyone who decides on working in IT knows that it requires accepting one crucial rule – constant development. With time, technologies change, we’re provided with new tools, have to cope with incoming theories and fresh trends. Gaining new skills and permanent knowledge expansion is quite indispensable. If we cut down on updating what we know, […]

Swift Property Wrappers – how to use them right?

Swift 5.1 introduces a new feature called Property Wrappers. For many iOS developers @ sign is mostly known in terms of Objective-C or InterfaceBuilder (e.g. @IBDesignable). Now it’s also related to regular properties in which you store some form of state. In many cases there’s logic behind modifying those states which is implemented inside our […]