With great popularity comes great critique. A lot of people wonder: is Agile as effective and useful as everyone seems to think?

As we have a lot of experience working in this methodology, we can tell you for certain: it’s horrible. Here are the reasons, why.

Lately we talked with our Sales Team about the things you want to know before the project even begins.

Today we talk with one of our Project Managers about the issues one encounters when the project starts.

Why does it cost so much? Why does it take so much time? Also, is outsourcing even worth it?

These and other questions we discussed in-depth with our Sales Team who are in constant contact with our clients, so they know their needs and concerns the best.

We are where our customers are, and there is no research-based site for ratings and reviews such as Clutch.

Iteo is pleased to announce that you can reach us there and find out what cooperation with us really looks like based on the experiences of our customers.

They say that the beginnings are the hardest, and that’s true. Especially when you are doing something entirely new for the very first time. But that’s also the beginning of the whole new adventure, your journey that may lead you to a success.

We want you to be prepared - because we want to provide the best possible conditions to let your creativity and inventiveness bloom.

In times when most of the companies boast about having their own applications it’s easy to get lost.

As through the years we learned a lot about their needs and concerns, we want to give you all some solid advice about beginning the cooperation with a digital product agency.

So glad to see you again! Have you read our two previous parts? If so, just go ahead. But if you are new here, I warmly encourage you to start from the beginning!

Hello again! If you came here to continue our journey through the history of Graphic User Interface, don’t bother and go ahead.

And if you are new here, be sure to check out the part I first (or you can be a rebel and start here, but you will lose some interesting facts!)

Today I want to invite you to the ride through the history of Graphic User Interface, how it began to be a thing, how it was changing through the years and how it all affected the way we see the digital products now.

Fasten your your blog belts and hold on, as we are going almost exactly fifty years to the past.

When the end of the year is closing in, we all like to play clairvoyants trying to predict what awaits us in the new one. Sometimes our guesses turn out to be pretty accurate, sometimes they miss the mark completely.

Although technology may be as unpredictable as Cupid’s arrow, there are specialists that can already conclude what we are going to buzz about in the next few months. Let them enlighten us then!