8 Examples Proving Testing is Important

One might wonder – why software testing is necessary? Is it worth it to invest in testing? We’ve been wondering the same thing. As a field of software engineering, testing is often underrated by digital agencies. IT companies tend to hire inexperienced employees as testers. The reason might be that testing is still not a […]

Is .NET Core a Right Choice for Startups?

After years of successful expansion of .NET, the Redmond giant decided to create a new solution called .NET Core. Now we can say it was a breakthrough. Multi-platform functioning, open-source, support from community and Microsoft, strong typing, rich libraries and perfection of C# are a few features that make this product extraordinary. But is it […]

7 Reasons Why Agile Sucks

Let’s be honest: at this point everybody and their dogs seem to be Agile. Almost every single software house and digital agency work accordingly to Agile methodology.  There are tons of conferences about Agile, workshops about implementing Agile into your working routine, there are Agile Coaches, Agile Masters and Agile Gurus – so it’s obvious […]

Submitting an App in App Store

After creating your mobile product in cooperation with your digital partner, you probably wait impatiently for it to be available in App Store. However, Apple’s ecosystem is very peculiar and knowing certain mechanisms and methods may save you lot of time and nerves. As we have assisted many proud clients in that process, we wanted […]

Starting a Digital Project

Last time we answered some questions we frequently get prior to starting a project (you can read it here). This time we will talk about the issues that bother you when the project actually starts. We talked with one of our Project Managers, and thanks to her experience, we gathered the list of five things […]

7 Questions On App Development

Our Sales Team gets tons of messages every day. Before any project begins, our potential clients ask a lot of questions that we are always happy to answer. We gathered the most frequently asked ones and decided to answer them in order to help you get the idea of what  the collaboration looks like before […]

Finding Top App Devs

We are where our customers are and there is no research-based site for ratings and reviews such as Clutch. Iteo is pleased to announce that you can reach us there and find out what cooperation with us really looks like based on the experiences of our customers. Why do we think it’s so important? It’s […]

How MVP helps achieve success?

If you have ever asked Uncle Google what an MVP is, you probably ended up being very confused, looking for the connection between NBA, Michael Jordan and application development. Then you go to ask Auntie Wikipedia and become even more disoriented, finding out that there is not only the Most Valuable Player, but also ones […]