The last thing you want is to waste money and effort you put into getting your application by neglecting its maintenance. It is almost as important as the process of developing itself.

You want to benefit from your app, not just look at how pretty it is. Even the most beautiful cars are made to be driven, aren’t they? But you can’t benefit without solid services, continuous amendments and updates based on your client’s experiences.

You run a business, and a few days ago you gained some potential customers in another city. You have arranged a business meeting with them. After that, you realised that there is quite a journey ahead of you. 

Just think about it — buses, trams and trains are an outdated and ineffective media at the moment. You have to reach your clients in the most efficient and fast way possible. Now just replace the car with an application. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

You have the most brilliant idea. You have the support. You have the money. You even have the agency — you have chosen them carefully, having seen their portfolio so many times that you could draw their logo from memory.

You are ready! What else is there for you to wait for? A few emails back and forth between you and the agency and your beloved app child will be ready to be developed. Of course. There is only one problem — it won’t.