European Super League – a plan that didn’t work, but…

It all happened so fast that we’re still rubbing our eyes in amazement. First, twelve of Europe’s leading soccer clubs decided to establish a new competition – the European Super League – an obvious rival to the UEFA Champions League. The official reason was improving the quality and intensity of existing gameplays and creating a […]

Sports vs. digital technologies – an exciting gameplay

Digitization is not only an overused buzzword but also a turbine that keeps the corporate world running. It changes our behaviour, affects existing business processes, enables new, innovative management opportunities, and brings a customer closer to the center of attention. It all applies to the modern sports industry, too. A well adjusted technology can reduce […]

Google Data Centers in Poland – “Let’s go solving”

Google Cloud infrastructure consists of 24 regions with multiple zones. Today, Google officially opens its first region in Central and Eastern Europe and it’s seventh in Europe. It is the first major cloud provider to locate its region in Poland. The cloud region consists of three access zones, each of which has an independent technical […]