Flutter vs. React Native – the battle of cross-platform

Cross-platform development became one of the most appreciated technologies when it comes to building mobile apps. Flutter and React Native constantly compete against each other to become the leading framework. Let’s see what are the main differences between them. Is there any clear winner? What is cross-platform development? Before we start, we should explain how […]

New is always Better! Changes in Android Studio 4.1

Today’s article covers some of the changes made for the Android Studio IDE and their brief description. The stable version was released on October 12 2020 and the table of introduced changes is presented below. Android Studio 4.1 – Design  Material Design Components updates Android Studio templates in the Create New Project dialog now use […]

Creating animations in Android using MotionLayout

During the Google I/O 2019 event, the company introduced new features to the existing ConstraintLayout. One of the biggest advantages is a powerful motion editor called MotionLayout. It allows you to build complex, multi-parameter transitions driven by clicks or swipes. Main benefits of using this approach are: Visible way to create start to end transitions […]

Transforming a MedTech business using telemedicine

If you have a business that offers medical products and services, you might wonder what could be the next step in the expansion strategy for your brand. And COVID-19 pandemic determined the direction for many healthcare companies – telemedicine. Because when people can’t leave their homes, they still need to consult their doctor. Telemedicine has […]

Google Analytics – how to gather and interpret user data?

Who are your website’s or app’s users? What do you know about them? How to understand the data from Google Analytics? GA reports can provide us with a multitude of information. Some are useful, other demand proper interpretation or can simply be omitted. Which are which? We’ll try to explain. Who are the “Users”? When […]