Is mobile development ready for graphQL

Most web and mobile applications institute client – server communication. Acquired data are used in the app’s internal processes. Nevertheless, you must know that the beginnings were tough and didn’t provide any models of proceedings. Engineers tried to create a standard which would make the manner of communication more legible and easier to implement. Examples […]

Tests automation in a project – when and why?

The world of programming is characterized by two types of tests – manual and automated ones. Some of the manual tests, eg. usability or exploratory ones, are an indispensable and inevitable part of a tester’s work. Nevertheless, if we’re talking about regression or smoke testing, doing them manually, especially if we deal with an advanced […]

Azure Functions – On Cloud Nine of Serverless

Let’s say you need to add some scheduling to your existing application. Perhaps you need to bring together an existing code written in different languages? Maybe you need a functionality that, although it’s quite important, won’t be used so often – thus you don’t want to pay for the whole infrastructure just for this little […]

Analytics in UX design

While launching a UX process, we undertake the goal of finding a perfect solution for a certain problem. We use varied methods to understand the business assumptions better, get to know the users, recognize the environment for the product or service, the competition, and technological capacities. We apply cognitive methods which give us qualitative insights. […]