Beautiful UI Tests with Kaspresso

Idea of UI tests Many companies around the world employ manual testing for applications and they have their reasons. The advantages are multiplicitous, including a personal contact, understanding of the priorities, and inquisitiveness.  What’s more, UI tests in a long-term project may improve some aspects of QA which testers are struggling with. I have listed […]

Why fintech rocks in remote customer service

Fintech is an industry that has always been a pioneer when it comes to technological innovation. It helped them to survive and thrive during a COVID-19 crisis because they were prepared for fully-remote operations with mobile applications, excellent web platforms, and other digital services that allow their clients to do almost everything without leaving their […]

API tests for beginners

Software tester’s job differs depending on a multitude of factors. There are times when the number of scheduled tasks and tests is extremely high. In such a situation it’s worth searching for new solutions which allow increasing work’s productivity and assure its high quality at the same time. Using various types of improvements, e.g. uploading […]

How did GraphQL let us overtake the REST

Would you like to ascend your development process to the next level? Is GraphQL another buzzword or will it replace REST like REST replaced SOAP? What GraphQL is. The most important thing to mention is that GraphQL is not another framework! It’s a query language and execution engine created in 2012 by Facebook. GraphQL’s specification […]