Transforming a MedTech business using telemedicine

If you have a business that offers medical products and services, you might wonder what could be the next step in the expansion strategy for your brand. And COVID-19 pandemic determined the direction for many healthcare companies – telemedicine. Because when people can’t leave their homes, they still need to consult their doctor. Telemedicine has […]

Why you should consider .NET Core for your next project

.NET Framework, as remembered by everyone – powerful, but highly demanding, needs Windows to be hosted, requires some expertise to be deployed, programs are “heavy” and need a special environment to run, great when you have decent funds and time to invest in preparing the architecture. But when you are on a budget or building […]

Azure Cognitive Search – when ‘name LIKE…’ is not enough

Are you in need of implementing advanced search service in your application? You can’t be bothered to learn, deploy, and maintain the next database server? You don’t want to learn AI theory or another tangled library? Azure Cognitive Search might be the solution for your concerns! Let’s take a closer look! What is Azure Cognitive […]