Finding Top App Devs

We are where our customers are and there is no research-based site for ratings and reviews such as Clutch. Iteo is pleased to announce that you can reach us there and find out what cooperation with us really looks like based on the experiences of our customers. Why do we think it’s so important? It’s […]

Swedish Unique Startup Scene

At this point you probably imagine a truly extraordinary picture of a magical, horned horse festing over a (Ikea) table full of surströmming, traditional fermented Baltic herring. The horse is very tall, blue-eyed, blonde and calmly listens to Dancing Queen, while watching his family-friendly Volvo standing against the landscape of a beautiful, majestic fjords. That […]

Misconceptions About UX Design

Although the concept of User Experience is already well-known and respected, some still fail to understand what the UX Design even means. Because, let’s be honest – that doesn’t sound very logical that you can design someone else’s experience. UX may be a factor that influences the overall rating of the product, but you cannot […]

How MVP helps achieve success?

If you have ever asked Uncle Google what an MVP is, you probably ended up being very confused, looking for the connection between NBA, Michael Jordan and application development. Then you go to ask Auntie Wikipedia and become even more disoriented, finding out that there is not only the Most Valuable Player, but also ones […]